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Supporting community physicians and improving patient health

Physicians today frequently express frustration

Frustrated they can’t spend more time with patients and don’t have the staff and resources to deliver ongoing, personalized follow-up and education. Vigilant Health helps physicians and patients by providing services that increase patient engagement with their physicians.

We help every Vigilant patient have a strong primary care relationship with a community physician.

We work directly with defined populations within health plans and employers to improve their members’ health. There are no co-pays, deductibles, or charges to patients for our services.

Our patient-centered, personal approach is augmented by our proprietary population health technology and has been proven to deliver superior outcomes and significant savings for health plans and individuals.


Success requires a team approach

Within Vigilant Health’s proven model, primary care physicians are essential to achieving better clinical outcomes, providing diagnosis, guidance, and care management. Vigilant Health supplements and supports that mission by:

  • Identifying and connecting all of our patients with primary care physicians
  • Reconnecting patients with poor follow-up to their primary care physicians
  • Supporting the care plans of primary care physicians
  • Providing the educational and behavioral modification necessary for patient success
  • Ensuring significant improvements in outcome measures, especially for those with chronic disease or challenging situations

Our broad range of services are designed to identify issues, educate, encourage, and engage. At the heart of this system are community physicians, with whom we connect each of our patients. We then ensure that they remain actively managed by their local primary care physicians.


The Vigilant Health team

Vigilant Health has assembled a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, care navigators, health coaches, and educators. The Vigilant team integrates health care services across the spectrum of care by individually monitoring and managing each participant. We make sure that patients see and follow through with the plans of their primary care physicians and provide the necessary but time-consuming education and behavioral modification to achieve lasting change.

While all patients benefit from the Vigilant Health approach, high-risk patients and those with chronic diseases such as diabetes experience the greatest gains in health, benefitting from the personalized attention of our care team.

Benefits to partnering with Vigilant Health

Primary care physicians who see Vigilant patients routinely experience increased patient referrals, no loss in visits for existing patients, increase in revenue, better patient compliance, and significantly improved outcomes.

Vigilant Health is at the leading edge of value-based care and population health, using proprietary technology to improve patient outcomes. Our physician partners benefit from this, receiving extensive patient support, improved outcome metrics measures, and improved documentation, while learning from experience how to optimize their practice with these tools that represent the next level of health care delivery.

“Vigilant Health’s approach allows time to listen to patients’ needs and concerns, discuss needed changes in behavior and/or their medical regimen, and provide ease of follow-up and follow-through on discussed changes.”
Jon Beall, M.D.
Private Practice
“The Vigilant Health patients are given superior care and service. The Vigilant Health Nurse Practitioners and support personnel are great and create real value for Vigilant’s clients.”
Bart DeLashmet, M.D.
Baptist Premier Medical Group, Jackson, MS
“Vigilant Health providers work closely with community providers to ensure their patients are compliant with scheduled visits. Should a patient not have a primary care physician, we will facilitate that initial visit. The care we provide encourages and assists patients in developing and maintaining a close relationship with community physicians and also improves outcomes.”
Laura Nail, C-FNP
Vice President Clinical Operations, Vigilant Health

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