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Physician-led. Patient-centered.

After establishing an unequaled track record in diabetes care — one of the most challenging chronic diseases to treat successfully — Vigilant Health extended its clinical and financial model, at the request of clients, to address the needs of entire populations.​

Using proprietary technology, Vigilant Health converts claims and clinical data into actionable information that is used by clinicians to make treatment decisions, develop plans of care, and engage patients. Participating populations benefit from improved health, while high-risk individuals with chronic conditions find new success.

Vigilant Health eliminates healthcare disparities.

We produces the same results in:

Every demographic

Blue collar, white collar, disadvantaged populations

Every payer group

Self-insured, commercial, Medicaid and Medicare

Every market

Rural-urban-suburban areas, under-resourced markets, smaller communities, doctor deserts

Rural Nurse


Track record of success in effective use of technology

  • Vigilant Health has successfully used interactive, real-time video as part of its clinical program for years with no difference in outcomes or financial results.
  • We combine live audiovisual interactions among our patients and care teams with in-person care and comprehensive information to deliver superior care to underserved communities and groups. 
  • We also use audiovisual encounters to facilitate collaboration with community physicians.
“Vigilant Health has allowed us to have a more comprehensive approach for managing our health plan by allowing us to understand our data and giving us the ability to act on the information. Their team of providers are outstanding in both the way they care for our employees and the way they communicate with them. Their results have been phenomenal. We haven’t had a premium increase for three years in a row and Vigilant was a key partner in making this happen.”

Billy Sims – Sr. Vice President
Administrative Services (retired) Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance

“Like many, I’ve observed the cost of diabetes related prescriptions rise tremendously over the past five years, and this has impacted the health plans’ pharmacy spend. More concerning, I’ve seen the frequencies of these medications increase as more individuals are diagnosed as being diabetic or pre-diabetic. Vigilant Health has a track record of success in working closely with their participants to lower their A1C and has had a number successfully come off their medications. They are great people to work with and dedicated to their mission. They genuinely care about the impact they are making in people’s lives. I value their partnership and the ROI we are seeing over time.”

Mickey Watkins
Employee Benefits Consultant & State EB Practice Leader

Leading Employers, Health Plans
and Municipalities Trust Vigilant Health

They realize immediate and long-term cost savings while achieving better health outcomes.


Let us design an advanced care model for your population that will dramatically improve health and reduce costs.

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