Why Vigilant Health Succeeds Where the Status Quo Fails

Member Engagement = Healthier Populations
Healthier Populations = Dramatically Reduced Plan Costs

  • Can plan members always access care when they need it?
  • Do chronic condition costs impact your health plan?
  • Do you feel your health plan costs continue to rise without quite understanding why or how to reduce them?

Vigilant Health helps employers ENGAGE:

✓ Members to partner with providers to control chronic disease.
✓ Members to use preferred providers for healthcare delivery.
✓ The use of analytics to evaluate performance, programs, and vendors.
✓ Through a workplace environment designed around health and well-being.
✓ Members through open access to care with no limitations  when, how, and for as long as they need it.

00How we define success

Our Clients Say it Best

“Vigilant Health has helped us utilize a more comprehensive approach for managing our health plan by allowing us to understand our data and giving us the ability to act on the information.  Their team of providers are outstanding in both the way they care for our employees and the way they communicate with them. It’s really very simple once you have the information in an understandable form and the tools to act on it. Vigilant gave us both and the results have been phenomenal. We haven’t had a premium increase for three years in a row and Vigilant was a key partner in making this happen.”

Billy Sims

Billy Sims — SVP of Policy Administration, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

“The City of Vicksburg began its relationship with Vigilant Health to improve health outcomes and create a culture of health and well-being for our employees and their dependents, while being fiscally responsible and reducing our health plan costs. In the first six months of our partnership, the program has paid for itself and successfully given more people access to healthcare, including increased utilization of our fine Vicksburg physicians.”

The Honorable Mayor George Flaggs, Jr.

The Honorable Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. — City of Vicksburg, Mississippi
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