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Enabling employers and health plans to reduce their health care expenses and improve health outcomes

But that’s not why we get up every morning

At the heart of our company is a dedication to delivering patient-centered health care that offers unequaled results for the people we serve.

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Our unique model of care delivers health care as it should be

Our care team supports local community physicians in building strong patient relationships that are key to both immediate and lasting behavior change and improved health.

It all began in the Mississippi Delta

Vigilant Health’s innovative approach to health care stems from a university-based program, the Delta Diabetes Project, that achieved unprecedented results. The unique model of care was created by our Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder, Dr. Marshall Bouldin.

Why the Mississippi Delta?

Although opportunities have improved in the past 50 years, the Mississippi Delta remains one of the most impoverished regions in the United States.

The national poverty rate is about 15%. It’s 22% for Mississippi. In most Delta counties, it’s 30-40%. Delta residents have limited access to healthy food and medical services.

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The Delta Diabetes Project sustained documented improvements in metabolic outcomes in more than 7,500 disadvantaged type 2 diabetes patients over a 10-year period in the Mississippi Delta and inner-city Jackson, MS.

The program produced:

  • Unprecedented levels of engagement
  • Unprecedented compliance
  • Sustained outcome improvements

Building on that success, the Vigilant diabetes program produced even better results, even among the most disadvantaged populations and within environments of severely constrained resources. Vigilant demonstrated a direct link between improved health and reduced costs resulting from the successful management of diabetes.

Next step — Vigilant Health

Vigilant Health’s current model originated after a leading employer and diabetes program client proposed that Vigilant Health’s success with diabetics could be extended to the care of the employer’s entire health plan. The employer, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, had an existing on-site clinic operated by a national company, a robust employee health and wellness program, and a sophisticated, innovative, and aggressive approach to managing its own health plan costs.

After a national search for a new clinic vendor, the Southern Farm Bureau leadership recognized that the Vigilant Health diabetes results were without equal and the model could be translated successfully to manage its entire health plan. Vigilant Health’s founders welcomed the opportunity, took over the clinic, and the relationship with Southern Farm Bureau Life became the cornerstone of the Vigilant Health program. Southern Farm Bureau became a collaborator in developing the Vigilant Health business model and translating the concepts of its unique diabetes program into a model for an entire population. Subsequent clients and contracts have all experienced the same sustained, dramatic, simultaneous improvements in the health of their members and the cost of their plans.

Vigilant Health’s unprecedented results

Vigilant Health has significantly enhanced and transformed its clinical model into a capitated, performance-based model for health plans and self-insured employers. Vigilant Health measures results in objective clinical outcomes and hard dollars. The Vigilant model demonstrates the direct link and calibrates the exact relationship between improved health and reduced costs resulting from the successful management of chronic disease.

The Vigilant Health program does not simply produce marginal, temporary improvements in process metrics or outcomes, but sustained improvements in patients’ lives and behaviors. Vigilant Health produces meaningful, sustained improvements across all key measures of metabolic health (HbA1c, SBP, DBP, LDL, TG, and BMI — while simultaneously decreasing hospitalization rates, emergency room usage, and claims paid per member. Vigilant increases access, compliance, and patient engagement. Results are typically evident within six months and sustained for the duration of the program. The Vigilant model changes the fundamentals of health care, Vigilant Health achieves the same results in rural markets, in small towns, and across all demographic groups

Let us design an advanced care model for your population that will dramatically improve health and reduce costs.

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