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Know your A1c

Your doctor uses the hemoglobin A1c test to determine if you have diabetes and to manage it.

The A1c test is a quick and simple finger prick that doesn’t require you to skip a meal. The A1c test identifies your diabetes risk and all its major complications, including heart attack, dialysis, stroke, blindness, nerve damage, and amputations.


A1c Ranges


If you are in the DANGER zone, call Vigilant Health Diabetes Care immediately to gain control of your A1c.


If your A1c falls within the range of CAUTION, schedule an appointment with Vigilant Health to learn how to lower your number and thereby your risk of diabetes and all its major complications.


SUCCESS is defined as achieving a healthy A1c, because your risks are no different than normal. Keep up the good work!

Get tested today!

Vigilant Health offers the A1c test FREE OF CHARGE for any eligible employer or health plan participant.

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