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Making Mississippi Healthier

Affordable health insurance and superior community care

An innovative partnership for better health:

MHCA is a member services organization serving Mississippi Municipal League organizations and their communities. MCHA provides affordable comprehensive health insurance for individuals through Ambetter from Magnolia Health and self-insurance solutions with Select Administrative Services. All MCHA participants have access to Vigilant Health clinics and Vigilant health care services at no cost.  See MCHA Leadership.

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MCHA and its partners

MCHA leads a health care partnership among the Mississippi Municipal League, Mississippi municipalities, Mississippi‑based health care organizations, community leaders, physicians, and employers. We do not seek to replace health care solutions that are working. MCHA and its partners work with community physicians, local health care organizations, and other community organizations to keep critical health care services in local communities.

MCHA works with community organizations to make the our services available to everyone in Mississippi communities, including:

MCHA’s Mission

Expand access to health care and improve its quality through community‑based nationally recognized health care programs and community clinics.

Reduce the costs of health insurance for Mississippi communities.

Provide more health insurance choices for Mississippi communities.

Minimize or eliminate the relentless increase in health care costs for Mississippi communities and the volatility and financial risk in health insurance.

Improve the health and well‑being of the employees and dependents of Mississippi’s municipalities and surrounding communities.

Promote the economic and community development of Mississippi communities by providing health care that meets the highest national standards.

Level the playing field for underserved communities by providing health care that meets the highest national standards.

MCHA Partners

Mississippi Municipal League

The mission of the Mississippi Municipal League is helping cities and towns excel. MML is a non-partisan association established in 1931, representing 290 city, town and village governments in Mississippi. MML is also affiliated with the National League of Cities, a lobbying, legislative and legal arm representing municipalities before the U.S. Congress.

Select Administrative Services

Select Administrative services is a comprehensive managed care organization that provides third party administration services to employers who self-fund any or all their employee benefits. SAS is an affiliate of the City of Gulfport, Harrison County, and Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.

Ambetter from Magnolia Health

Ambetter from Magnolia Health is the largest insurer in the Health Insurance Marketplace in Mississippi with over 150,000 members in 2023. Magnolia Health’s parent, Centene, is the largest national Marketplace carrier with more than 2 million members. Ambetter from Magnolia Health is led by an executive team in Ridgeland, Mississippi, and employs over 200 Mississippians. Ambetter is the only Marketplace carrier who has been in Mississippi from the inception of the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The Ambetter network of physicians and providers includes all major hospitals and physician groups in Mississippi. Ambetter is part of the federal Health Insurance Marketplace and provides subsidies that substantially reduce the costs of both premiums and out-of-pocket costs for many individuals based on family income. Over 90% of Ambetter members in Mississippi receive a subsidy to help reduce their insurance premium. Almost 50% of Ambetter from Magnolia Health members have a $0 deductible.

Vigilant Health

Vigilant Health is a nationally recognized provider organization that uses integrated healthcare delivery, information technology, and innovative payment model to deliver predictable long-term outcomes, substantial cost savings, and high patient engagement. Vigilant uses community-based clinics in partnership with community physicians and community organizations to deliver superior health care and lower costs. Vigilant produces the same superior results in every demographic, every payer group, and every market, including Medicaid, the most challenging diabetes and chronic disease patients, and under-served communities in the deep south.

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