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Mississippi Communities Health Advisers

What Is Mississippi Community Health Advisers

Mississippi Communities Health Advisers is a partnership to provide better, more affordable health insurance and access to better health care to Mississippi municipalities and their communities, particularly smaller communities in underserved markets.

MCHA will help bring affordable health insurance and ready access to state-of-the-art health care to everyone in your community. MCHA will work with your community organizations to make the MCHA services available to everyone, including:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Civic clubs
  • Economic and community development agencies
  • Churches
  • Retail merchants
  • Community hospitals
  • Health departments


Community‑based clinics ​

All MCHA members have access to Vigilant Health’s community‑based clinics that are led by local community physicians and work closely with all community providers. Ambetter policy holders have access to Vigilant clinics without any out‑of‑pocket charges, no long waits for appointments, and no limits on visits.

MCHA is a health care partnership among the Mississippi Municipal League, leading Mississippi municipalities, community leaders, physicians, employers, and Mississippi‑based health care organizations. MCHA’s mission:

  1. Expand access to health care and improve its quality through community‑based nationally recognized health care programs and community clinics.
  2. Reduce the costs of health insurance for Mississippi communities.
  3. Provide more health insurance choices for Mississippi communities.
  4. Stop the relentless increase in health care costs for Mississippi communities; minimize or eliminate volatility and financial risk in health insurance.
  5. Improve the health and well‑being of the employees and dependents of Mississippi’s municipalities and surrounding communities.
  6. Level the playing field for underserved communities by providing health care that equals and exceeds the highest national standards.
  7. Promote the economic and community development of Mississippi communities by providing health care that equals and exceeds the highest national standards.


Vigilant Health provides unique, nationally recognized community-based clinics and health care services. Vigilant specializes in managing chronic disease and serving underserved communities in partnership with community physicians and community organizations.

Ambetter health insurance provides comprehensive major medical coverage with all essential health benefits, and access to high quality, locally based health care providers. As a Marketplace Health Plan, many individuals may purchase Ambetter insurance and receive its benefits at greatly reduced rates.