00Core Beliefs

Superior Clinical Results

Our organization is built upon the following principles:

  • The medical judgment of primary care physicians is irreplaceable in managing health care costs and must be present in every clinical encounter.
  • There is no substitute for time and personal engagement - they are essential ingredients in the care of each patient and each condition.
  • Fundamentally changing and simplifying reimbursement is necessary to produce superior clinical results.

We eliminate healthcare disparities and deliver the same results:

  • In small towns and rural markets as in affluent suburbs
  • In places with few healthcare resources
  • Among the most disadvantaged populations
  • Across every payer group – commercial, Medicare, Medicaid
Reduce Costs

Reduce health care costs for employers by improving the health of their employees and dependents through a personal system of care that empowers patients and their physicians.


Create transformative communities of care for patients, physicians, and payers through comprehensive, usable information and personal care for individuals.

Core Belief

No one is out of reach.

Learn how we create the best performing employer health plans.
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00Our Company

The foundation of Vigilant Health is built on success where no one thought possible

- The Mississippi Delta

In Mississippi, diabetes is an epidemic. 17.1% of the population is diagnosed with the disease and 37.5% are considered prediabetic. Like other chronic conditions, the negative effects of diabetes are far-reaching and expected to only grow over time.

The Vigilant Health model began as a community-based, university program for diabetes care management in the Mississippi Delta and inner-city Jackson, Mississippi. More than 7,500 patients were followed for ten years. A large majority achieved control of their diabetes and other metabolic diseases, with the results sustained over the life of the program. From this foundation, Vigilant Health’s founders changed how diabetes care was delivered and paid for with phenomenal results measured in objective data and immediate savings.

Vigilant Health was created to bring the philosophies, practices, and unequaled results of its diabetes care model to entire health plan populations. Vigilant Health established its proprietary integrated care model to fix and prevent conditions that negatively affect patients and drive up the cost of health care. Launched in 2015, Vigilant Health’s program has evolved into a capitated, performance-based model for self-insured employers that measures in clinical outcomes and dollars the direct link between improved health and reduced costs resulting from the successful management of all conditions.

Case Studies

Executive Team

Austin Triggs
Executive Chairman
Marshall J. Bouldin
IV, M.D., Vice Chairman / Chief Medical Officer
Karen Utterback
RN, MSN, Chief Executive Officer
L. Keith Rye
Chief Operating Officer
Paul Boykin
Chief Information Officer
Stacey Holt
Chief Financial Officer

Management Team

Laura Nail
C-FNP, VP of Clinical Operations
Murray L. Harber
Director of Patient Experience
Autumn Myhand
Manager, Implementation and Training
Michelle Young
Patient Engagement Specialist
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